Around here we chase curves, swells, curbs. 
Music is essential. 
Life of art.
Friends are important, family first. 
Always trying to make a difference by raising awareness and common sense for the globe with compassion.

A life style collection with no bouderies. 

A life style collection with no bouderies. 


The board culture message knows no boundaries and unites people around simple and positive values, built in the principles of life.

As stated by Joel de Rosnay :
"We try, not to fight with the elements, but to be complicit with the elements. All these intimate relationships with nature, with the power of the ocean, with the strength of the mountain, with strong winds, lead you to a certain complicity, I would say a kind of partnership with nature. It feels much closer, it feels more unified, more "one" and all these movements are considered natural rhythms that are very inspiring. " 
Joel de Rosnay. Contrast, escape and simplicity.

Joel de Rosnay. Contrast, escape and simplicity.

In this post-modern society where everything is more complex, where values are transformed and recomposed,

where order and disorder constantly intertwine, the figure ranging from balance and fall, the rider, is a very current symbol

capable of integrating the attributes of the sacred: mystery, purity and fear. It is also street sports mingling other artistic, musical, visual and dance. Always looking for new experiences, new fields of experimentation, the skater appropriates the streets with an angle of view and reinvents the original cities in a gesture-speech combining performance and aesthetics.The subversion , the aesthetic , the ecology , the freedom , the hedonism ... are concepts relayed by the board culture and worked in the field of art. 

In all our principles, products, articles we involve the alternative supply chain as much as possible while staying connected with our roots. "Creating always… Producing but recycling … Show the way to others.” (Jérome Gruet) with fun and laughter… of course.